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Welcome to our first blog article that will take you back in time and introduce you to the fascinating world of vintage photography. Historical photos will transport you to the past, where you will discover the beauty and authenticity of life in different time periods. We present this article in connection with the release of a new collection dedicated to this topic on our e-shop. The following photos in this article can also be found in our e-shop.

  1. Year 1826 – The First Photograph

Our journey begins in 1826 with the first dated photograph, created by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. This test photo captures the buildings and the view from the window, marking a significant milestone in the history of photography. At the time of its creation, photography was a revolutionary scientific experiment that opened new doors to capturing the world.

2. The Intact Seal on the Tomb of Tutankhamen: Year 1922

In 1922, Howard Carter discovered the intact tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. This photograph captures the historic moment when the tomb’s sealed entrance was opened after 3,245 years, offering a glimpse into the world of ancient Egypt, which had remained hidden for centuries.

3. Titanic Before the Disaster: The Last Photograph (1912)

This photograph captures the Titanic just days before its tragic sinking in 1912. It provides a poignant view of the majestic ship, evoking mixed emotions when we consider the fate that awaited it on the high seas shortly thereafter.

4. British Antarctic Expedition: Year 1911 In 1911

A British expedition to Antarctica was launched to explore this unknown land. This photo captures the courage of the expedition members who faced extreme conditions, including freezing temperatures and inhospitable terrain. Their efforts led to significant discoveries in this part of the world. Even today, such expeditions are rare.

5. Painting the Eiffel Tower: Maurice-Louis Branger (1932)

This photograph taken during the painting of the Eiffel Tower reveals how this iconic symbol of Paris was created. The fearless painters had to meticulously paint each individual beam of the tower. Their work contributed to the beauty of this masterpiece, which was constructed in 1889. It requires up to 60 tons of paint to coat this monumental structure, and the tower is repainted every 7 years.

6. Painting the Brooklyn Bridge

Year 1914 During the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, brave painters faced numerous challenges and dangers. This photo showcases the dedication of the painters who worked on this legendary bridge and the incredibly difficult process they undertook. More than 600 workers labored on the construction of this bridge for an astonishing 14 years.

7. First Harley-Davidson Production Line: Year 1903

This photo captures the inception of Harley-Davidson motorcycle production in 1903. The brand has since become a legend in the motorcycle industry, and this image offers a glimpse into its humble beginnings.

8. Races on the Roof of the Fiat Factory: Year 1923

In 1923, an exciting race took place on the roof of the Fiat factory building in Turin, Italy. This photo not only showcases the speed of Fiat vehicles but also the eagerness of their employees to compete even on the factory’s rooftop.

9. Beautiful Promenade: Early 20th Century

This early 20th-century photograph presents a picturesque boardwalk with the Saratoga Springs Hotel in New York as the backdrop. It provides a window into the social life and fashion trends of that era.

10. Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge: 1933-1937

The construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco between 1933 and 1937 was an engineering marvel. This photo reveals the enormous effort it took to build this iconic structure that still stands today.

11. The Great Paris Flood of 1910

The Great Paris Flood of 1910 was an extraordinary event when the Seine River reached historic highs and inundated the city. This disaster forced many residents to evacuate their homes and seek refuge on higher ground. It was a time of remarkable solidarity when volunteers came together to save and protect the city’s artistic and historical treasures.

12. A Man Seeking Work in the 1930s

The economic crisis of the 1930s brought widespread unemployment, and many people had to rely on public assistance. The man in this photo conveys the anxiety and insecurity that many experienced during this challenging time. It required great resilience and adaptability to survive in these difficult conditions.

13. Carving a Giant Sculpture for Mount Rushmore in the 1930s

The construction of Mount Rushmore was a monumental project in which artists carved the faces of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln into the rock. This photo offers a glimpse of the strenuous physical labor required for this ambitious project. The sculptural work demanded great skill and precision from the sculptors.

14. A Crowded Atlantic City Beach in 1908

This colorized photo captures the significant differences in the way summer vacations were enjoyed compared to today. Beaches served as vibrant hubs for socializing and entertainment, where people gathered to cool off in the sea and relish time spent together. Contrastingly, modern beaches tend to prioritize individual experiences and commercialization, diverging from the communal atmosphere depicted in this historical image.

15. Colorized Photo of London from 1910

This photo provides a snapshot of the bustling life in London in 1910, a time when traffic signals did not yet control intersections. Drivers and pedestrians had to exercise extreme caution and adhere to informal agreements to navigate these busy city streets.

16. New York at the Beginning of the 20th Century

The streets of New York at the dawn of the 20th century teemed with life and chaos.

17. Lady Norman and Her First Autoped in 1916

Lady Norman symbolized women’s emancipation at a time when many were gaining greater independence and freedom. Riding the Autoped was an innovative means of mobility that allowed her to move freely without relying on traditional transportation. This photo reflects societal changes and the growing emphasis on gender equality.

18. Norwegian Photographer Wilhelm Otto Peters Painting “Digging For Worms” in 1884

This colorized photo captures the artist, Wilhelm Otto Peters, using a brush and paint instead of a camera to document the moment. Wilhelm Otto Peters serves as a reminder that art and photography often intersect and mutually inspire each other.

19. Crashed Train in Paris in 1895

This dramatic colorized photograph documents an unfortunate train accident in Paris that could have had tragic consequences. During this era, railways were still a relatively new mode of transport, and accidents posed challenges to passenger safety. The train approached the station at an excessive speed, broke through the barriers, and crashed through the windows, landing on the street. Remarkably, only one person lost their life in this incident.

20. Colorized Photo: New York, 1913

In this photo from 1913, a mother assists her child in disembarking from a streetcar. Boarding was possible from either side at that time, and sometimes even while the streetcar was in motion.

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